Chicago's NEXT Fair

I have a pulse. My eyes, brain, social functions have recovered from last weekend's Artropolis; I spent most of my time on the NEXT floor with my partner Nick, who wrote some blogs for the Cue Foundation. I heard many were disappointed, overwhelmed -- but the key is to: 1) take several breaks 2) drink 3) spread out your visit by going back a second day.

Anyway, I compiled a list of compelling artists and galleries from the NEXT floor...

Marina Gadonneix from Remote Control series:

Todd Simeone

Tim Roda:

Rafal Bujnowski, Cave Exit:

Carl Suddath:

Adam Humphries, from
Cartoon Debris series:

Jonathan Schipper, T
he Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle:

Brian McNearney and my friend Maria Perkovic had an installation
(a meditiation on the spectacle of the Hidenburg disaster) at Three Walls:

Henrik Stromberg, from Source:

Erik Benson, Goner:

Julian Montague from Stray Shopping Cart Project:

Galerie 5213 - Berlin
Meguimi Ogita - Tokyo
Samson Projects - Boston
Jiri Svestka - Czech Republic
Swarm - CA
Nathan Laramendy - CA
Art Agents - Hamburg
Kaune Sudendorf - Cologne
Roebling Hall - NY
Cue Foundation - NY
Light & Sie - TX

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